Need A Bigger Lap

A new round of Enchantment is upon us, and this time we are headed into Dark Academia. Even if you may not be familiar with the term, you likely are quite familiar with the aesthetic.

If you close your eyes and picture what an Ivy League or New England college would look like in the 30’s & 40’s. Lots of cardigans, blazers, dress shirts, plaid skirts, Oxford shoes, and clothing made of houndstooth and tweed.

Gothic inspired architecture, most likely the library, with secret societies and a dark undertow. Recent popular culture brings to mind Harry Potter, Wednesday, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Going back to our own teen years, we could cite Dead Poets Society. For some literature to get you into the mood, try some Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, or of course The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.


HEXtraordinary – St. Bernard
HEXtraordinary – Brown Newfie
HEXtraordinary – We Ride At Dawn!
HEXtraordinary – Pitcher Plant Terrarium
HEXtraordinary – Ebonized Oak Plant Stand
HEXtraordinary – Carnivorous Botanical Print A
HEXtraordinary – Carnivorous Botanical Print B

LouChara – Ophelia Sofa @ Enchantment
LouChara – Ophelia Wall Art @ Enchantment
LouChara – Ophelia End Table @ Enchantment
LouChara – Ophelia Rug @ Enchantment

The Green Door – Burlington House


Dust Bunny – Olivia Armoire

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