We have to agree, that the appeal of a round pallet bed is quite strong, visually. It looks super cute and fun right ? Then we have to think about, how do you sleep on a bed like that if you are not a curl up in a ball sleeper? Stretching out on something like that seems like it would be quite complicated, and positioning would have to be spot on down the center, or you are not going to have any mattress under you. Not only that, for anyone who has ever slept on a wooden futon bed, you know that it is only 1 step above a pull out sofa, and that is only because there is not metal bar going across your back.


Dreamland Designs – Florence Candlestick
Dreamland Designs – Florence Decor Cabinet
Dreamland Designs – Florence Dried Flower Pot
Dreamland Designs – Florence Hanging Flower Pots
Dreamland Designs – Florence Mirror Frame
Dreamland Designs – Florence Mirror Set
Dreamland Designs – Florence Round Bed
Dreamland Designs – Florence Rug 1
Dreamland Designs – Florence Rug 2
Dreamland Designs – Florence Rug 3

Erfe Design – Achilles Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Deep Ocean Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Spartan Love Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Vintage Pinky Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Wooden North Bookcase


Dust Bunny – laundry room clutter . large cloth stack
Dust Bunny – laundry room clutter . rolled towels
Dust Bunny – laundry room clutter . shirt on hanger
Dust Bunny – laundry room clutter . wire basket . filled
Fancy Decor + KraftWork – Voda Pool Clutter
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter – Summer Dress Pride
Peaches – Bae’s Journal – Floral
Peaches – Eryx Laptop Clutter
Peaches – Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Cactus
Peaches – Tanwen Cosmetic Clutter – Cleanser Clutter
Peaches – THOT Mess Scattered Makeup
Peaches – Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Brush and Hair Ties
Peaches – Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Dryer
Peaches – Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Flat Iron
Peaches – Singles Awareness Clutter – Magazines
ZADIG – Duplex Apartment

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