Aromatherapy Royalty

When it comes to Aromatherapy, there are 2 scents that stand head and shoulders above the rest, and are generally known as the King and Queen of essential oils.

Frankincense is the King of essential oils, rightly so. It is also one of the most highly researched essential oils on the market , with lavender and tea tree being the others. Frankincense is extracted from the resin of the bark of Boswellia carterii tree. It has a very earthy, rich, grounding aroma.

Frankincense has been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine since at least 500 B.C. Frankincense has many amazing properties, which are backed by research. It has known anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an immune modulator, demonstrates cytotoxic (anti-cancer) activities, and increases skin cell turnover.

The Queen of essential oils, Lavender is by far the most scientifically researched essential oil. Its uses are seemingly endless, many of which are backed by science. There are 39 known species of lavender. Lavender has been used for thousands of years and is steam distilled from the beautiful flowers of the plant.

It was used for mummification in Ancient Egypt and during medieval times to freshen and add scent to clothing and linen. Lavender is most well-known for its calming effects.


Enaitch – Candle (Tahiti)
Enaitch – Candle box (provence)
Enaitch – Scent bottle&stick (rdv forest)
Enaitch – Tubes lights (white)

Erfe Design – Achilles Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Deep Ocean Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Gaya Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Moroccan Decorative Set

TWELVE – Cosmos Chair
TWELVE – Oasis Mirror
TWELVE – Serba Banana Palm
TWELVE – Serba Decorative Books
TWELVE – Serba Hoasta Potted
TWELVE – Serba Rug
TWELVE – Serba Side Table
TWELVE – Serba Wall Art Canvas
TWELVE – Serbas Pillow (Colour Pack 2)
TWELVE – Serbas Pillow (Pack 3)
TWELVE – Serbas Pillow (Pattern Pack 1)
TWELVE – Serbas Table


BUENO – Silence Skybox
KraftWork – Taylor’s Rack and Clutter . Wicker Box with Cloth

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