Goodnight Moon

As many times as we read Goodnight Moon to our real life son when he was small, we were quite surprised his firsts words did not involve the words to the story. For just over 75 years, the book has been putting babies and toddlers to sleep night after night. It’s a great book, not only because it is simple and the kids enjoy it, but because it is super short, and yet, still a whole book. So it quickly becomes the last book of the night, when there are cries for ” Just one moooorreeeeee “.


Erfe Design – Moon decorative wall White

Kitty Kate – Darling Crib
Kitty Kate – Rosepink Doorbounce @ GROUP GIFT
Kitty Kate – Darling Heart Playrug
Kitty KateZooby Mermaid Newborn Closet
Kitty KateZooby NEWBORN chair


BIJOU – Grayson Print – Medium
BIJOU – Grayson Rainbow Tower
Creme Brulee – Isabella Skybox – White
Zooby – Animesh Plush Kitty Colors
Zooby – Puzzle Letter Box

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