Smoky Mountain High

We know the lyrics may say Rocky Mountain Hiiiighhhhhhh Colorado, but todays scene needed an adjustment. The new little mancave from DRD at ALPHA Event, certainly covers the Smoky part with its stash of bud, lighter and a nice little bong as well as many other goodies. The Reece set from LouChara shares the High duties, with its airplane theme, and the Old Bill jeep from 777 gets us up that Mountain with ease. So goodbye Colorado and hello Tennessee and North Carolina.


777 – Old Bill

DRD – Smallest Mancave @ ALPHA Event

HISA – Grass – Mixed Greens

LouChara – Reece Chair @ MENSELECTED
LouChara – Reece Floor Lamp @ MENSELECTED
LouChara – Reece Flugtag Decor @ MENSELECTED
LouChara – Reece Pillow and Blanket Basket @ MENSELECTED
LouChara – Reece Rug @ MENSELECTED
LouChara – Reece Sofa @ MENSELECTED
LouChara – Reece Wall Art @ MENSELECTED

Noveny – Forest Cabin


Landscaping By Felix – Forest Landscaping Hill
HPMD – Dirt Road

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