Have Carriage Will Travel

We often hear the term ‘Simpler Times’, when referring to the past. We are not entirely sure just how much simpler those times really were. It seems like things were a lot more ‘Same Shit, Different Day’.

We have COVID, they had the Bubonic plague and Spanish Flu. We have Religious conflicts, they had the Crusades. Everyone has had their shares of famine, and taxes have fucked with everyone since the dawn of time . So the shit, really just changes names and locations, but it is still shit.

Today we would like to draw your attention to the handsome Medieval Carriage by Del-Ka Aedilis for We Love Roleplay. The carriage is available with several options to suit your roleplay needs. Both with and without animations as well as with or without the static horses, allowing you to decide what your needs and preferences are for use. It makes a wonderful addition to those wishing to add visuals to their travel roleplay, or as a prop outside a tavern, or stranded in some wooded trail ravaged by bandits, the possibilities abound !


Del-Ka Aedilis – The Medieval Carriage @ We Love Roleplay
Del-Ka Aedilis – The Medieval Series – Farmhouse Lambert


Landscaping By Felix – Mesh Fir Forest Scene

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