Dreaming Of The Desert

We have never had a desire to live in the south west, in the desert, where it is hot. Ever. The heat is not our friend. What we have done, is enjoy south west decor and the aesthetic it brings. I think it reminds us of the movie Boys On The Side with Drew Barrymore, Woopie Goldburg and Mary Louise Parker.

Oh, don’t be such a hoo-hoo.

What’s a hoo-hoo?

It’s a cunt, dear.

How can you not LOVE a movie that uses the word cunt, and isn’t a porno? ! ♥


Bricolage – Chupito
Bricolage – Crab Cactus
Bricolage – Fishhook Cactus
Bricolage – Josephina Chair
Bricolage – Josephina Coffee Table
Bricolage – Josephina Floor Lamp
Bricolage – Josephina Loveseat
Bricolage – Josephina Rug
Bricolage – Josephina’s Platter
Bricolage – Limas
Bricolage – Mexican Equipale Mesa
Bricolage – Prickly Pear Cactus
Bricolage – Reposado Tequilla
Bricolage – Rodaja de Limon
Bricolage – Saguaro Cactus
Bricolage – Sal
Bricolage – Tres Burros
Bricolage – Vasos de Chupito
Bricolage – Yellow Bloom Cactus

Dreamland Designs – Antique Book Stack
Dreamland Designs – Brighton Basket Planter
Dreamland Designs – Panorama Skybox
Dreamland Designs – Panorama Stone Fireplace

LouChara – Neve Wall Art
LouChara – Sienna Decor Shelf

ZAKER – Ginette Console NATURAL
ZAKER – Ginette Panier


Mithral – Tall Spined Cactus (13th FLF Bday Gift)
Mithral – Tiered Block Cactus Display (Pack A)

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