Hippo vs Hippo

When it comes to water animals, Hippos easily make the top 3 for us. I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas is one of our most beloved Christmas songs, tho a very special re-write titled I Want A Gay Reindeer For Christmas, written by the one and only Princess Cori also sits near and dear to our hearts.

There was no question that when we embarked upon this Indiana Jones and the Sunken Temple adventure for this post, that there would be a Hippo vs Hippo scene involved.


The Hippo Wins !


777 – HIPPO + GTFO! (Water Version)
777 – HIPPO – Trailer

SYNNERGY TAVIS – Sunken Temple [360] Backdrop


Better Gnomes and Cauldrons – Hippopotamus [Open Mouth]
Idonas – Wild Womens Statue

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