Whale Of A Time

Educational post day !

The phrase ” A whale of a time ” is an idiom. An idiom is a phrase that does not seem to make sense if taken literally. People use these phrases nearly every day in their normal conversations without thinking twice about them. Idioms are often troublesome for non native speakers who may be confused by the combination of words that do not seem to make sense together.

Break a leg, Beat around the bush, Bite the bullet, Speak of the devil. Just a few more examples !


CHEZ MOI – Palawan Chair @ Cosmopolitan
CHEZ MOI – Palawan Couch @ Cosmopolitan
CHEZ MOI – Palawan Table @ Cosmopolitan
CHEZ MOI – Palawan Table w Decor @ Cosmopolitan

NATURI – Corner Trellis – Green Leaves @ Cosmopolitan/
NATURI – Potted outdoor sword plant @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Tropical Palm plant – Big Pot @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Tropical Palm plant – Small Pot @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Zen Retreat – Gazebo @ Cosmopolitan

SOURCES – WEFOCEAN shower @ Cosmopolitan

Tm Creations – [M32] Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement


Fundati – Beach Cliffs
Fundati – Beach Dunes
Fundati – Little Tropical Palm II
Fundati – Mauritia Palm III
Fundati – New palm tree XI
Fundati – Palmetto Palm I
Fundati – Plant Tropical (exclusive)
Skye Studio – Sandy Beach

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