Splash Magic

Summertime fun involves lots of splashing no matter how old you are, and the smaller you are the more splashing is involved. The Unicorn Splash Pool from Kitty Kate is the perfect way to keep everyone cool in the hot summer heat. The splashpool comes scripted for Zooby Animesh as well as Avi babies and toddlers with a MyStory compatible version as well.


Kitty Kate – Parent/Zooby Beach Chair
Kitty Kate – Unicorn Splashpool
Kitty KateZooby NewbornFloat
Kitty KateZooby UniSeat Floaty

Lagom – Nadia Fence

Tm Creations – GP33 Banana Pot v1
Tm Creations – GP33 Banana Pot v2
Tm Creations – GP33 Banana Pot v3

What Next – Malibu Drink Cooler (boxed)
What Next – Malibu Pool – Inflatable


Tarte – Pastel Palm Tree
Zooby – Baby Indoor Small Slide Pastels

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