Nasty Crackers

While setting up this scene, we rezzed out the Tropicana Parrot Perch from The Home Store, and that bird is a talker ! Of course parrots always bring to mind the phrase “Polly wanna cracker” and then our mind warped that into “Filthy Hobbitses” from Lord of The Rings, and then that evolved into thinking about the possibility of a parrot saying “Filthy Crackerses”. Welcome to our brain, please do not stay long our liability insurance would never cover the cost of damages and we are full enough as it is !


Dictatorshop – Breeze – Bar Counter

DRD – Sangria Bar – Fruta
DRD – Sangria Bar – Pina
DRD – Sangria Bar – Sangria Blanca
DRD – Sangria Bar – Sangria Roja

JIAN – Conure – Golden
JIAN – Conure – Nanday
JIAN – Conure – Sun

NG DESIGNS – The Liki Tiki Tropical Bar @ SWANK Event

Harshlands – Bamboo Lights @ SWANK Event

SYNNERGY TAVIS – Jungle [360] Backdrop


What Next – Vida Champagne Bottles Decor


KraftWork – Fridge Clutter – Fridge Door Wine Bottles
Nerenzo – Bar Table
Petite Mort – Juno Rattan Bookcase
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Liquor bottles
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bottles 01
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bottles 02
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bottles 03

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