Thats Why We Drink

Once upon a time, this song may very well have been my ( Prin ) theme song. Alcohol was my scapegoat of choice. I could blame my foolish choices on ” I was so drunk that night “, and there were many times I used that excuse even if I hadn’t been. Turn the bottle up and turn the world down. This past May marked 25 years since my last Mt Dew and Jose Gold tequila night. This body has the scar on our face to remind me, but I don’t need to see it to remember why I don’t do that anymore.

We are dealing with a shit load of stress these days, and I am proud of myself that I have not even considered breaking that 25 year streak. It does make it very easy to understand why so many fall off that wagon when the stress hits harder, it’s the easy exit. I also know that the vast amount of people can drink responsibly, that having one or even two, hell even three on occasion is not going to turn into a half a bottle of tequila every other night problem. I also know that isn’t me.

So while you all have your responsible beer or fruity cocktail from the beach bar, I am going to content myself with a massage, and a nice cold glass of Diet Mt Dew without the Jose addition.


Dictatorshop – Breeze – Massage Table @ Cosmopolitan

Simple Things – Hard Seltzer @ Cosmopolitan
Simple Things – Resort Wave lounger @ Cosmopolitan
Simple Things – Resort Wave table @ Cosmopolitan
Simple Things – Smart Phone and ear pods @ Cosmopolitan

Synnergy Tavis – Beach Bar {360} Backdrop


Atelier Burgundy – Summer Spa – Decor . Sheets (white)
Atelier Burgundy – Summer Spa – Decor . Towel & Sheet (colors)
Atelier Burgundy – Summer Spa – Decor . Towels (colors)
Atelier Burgundy – Summer Spa – Decor . Tray w/ oil & diffuser
Atelier Burgundy – Summer Spa – Rug
OZZY – Zahra Home Spa Collection – Shelf Towel
Your Dreams – Simple Spa Bathroom – Bench

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