Work To Play


Erfe Design – Working Table
Erfe Design – Jaybird Bookcase

Lagom – Wall calendar – Calendar
Lagom – Wall calendar – Events Frame
Lagom – Wall calendar – Hearts Frame

What Next – Bailey – Pile Of Records
What Next – Bailey – Bailey Turntable V2
What Next – Pothos Plant (trailing)
What Next – Snake Plant
What Next – Monstera Plant (planter)
What Next – Sago Palm Plant (stand)
What Next – Zebra Plant (basket)


Black Sand – Fly Office – Headphones
Floorplan – art print / lovely
Floorplan – asymmetrical print / mirror ball
Floorplan – framed cross-stitch / swearing
Floorplan – leaning portrait / fuck off
Floorplan – rude embroidery hoop / nudes
Onsu – Eggplant Skybox
Short Leash – Kinky Clutter – Pervy Plants – Set B #1
Short Leash – Playtime Area Rug
Trompe Loeil – Mondo Beanbag Chair Denim

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For questions about what we may be wearing, please ask or see the body basics page.
Items or Poses marked with an * have been modified for the photo.
All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted.

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