Holding On To Summer

There are two major players in the debate on when summer starts and ends. Team astronomical summer vs. team meteorological summer.

Team astronomical calendar insists that the start and end dates of any season are based on the changing position of Earth in relation to the sun, generally regarded as equinoxes and solstices. In the Northern Hemisphere spring ends and summer starts on the June solstice, which occurs every year between June 20 and June 22. Summer ends and autumn starts on the September equinox, which occurs every year between September 21 and 24. In the Southern Hemisphere summer lasts from the December solstice (December 20 to 23) to the March equinox (March 19 to 21).

Team meteorological summer define seasons based on climatic conditions and the annual temperature cycle. Team meteorological summer is a rather scientific team, and prefer to compare these changes based on a more consistent timetable. The length of the astronomical seasons varies between 89 and 93 days while the meteorological calendar is fixed. Winter has 90 days (91 in a leap year). Spring and summer each get 92 days leaving autumn 91 days. This generally translates to the Northern Hemisphere experiencing summer from June 1 – August 31. The Southern Hemisphere would mark summer from December to February.

Most of North America and Europe are team astronomical calendar, while Australia and New Zealand are team meteorological calendar. There are some areas where a third team comes into play which would be the cultural calendar. Traditional Chinese and Celtic calendars place the June solstice in the middle of summer, while the United States culturally considers the summer season to be Memorial Day (last Monday of May) and Labor Day (First Monday of September).


Bricolage – St. Tropez Sling Chair
Bricolage – St. Tropez Sling Chair V2

CHEZ MOI – Maui Hammock

Dreamland Designs – Tropical Summer Palm Trees
Dreamland Designs – Tropical Summer Palm Trees 2

Erfe Design – Hawaii Bar with Stools

NATURI – Potted Palm Indoor Plant

What Next – Pacifica Appetizer Plate
What Next – Pacifica Chair
What Next – Pacifica Firepit
What Next – Pacifica Hanging Lantern
What Next – Pacifica Ice Chest
What Next – Pacifica Pergola
What Next – Pacifica String Lights
What Next – Pacifica Wine Cooler


Fundati – Beach Cliffs
Fundati – Beach Dunes
Landscapes Unlimited – TROPICAL PARADISE 1/4 Sim Corner Environment
Pitaya – Cool Beach Umbrella (tilted) – Printed
Pitaya – Cool Cooler Bag – Leaves
Pitaya – Long Runner Rug 01 Plain
Pitaya – Macrame plant hanger – Beige (light leaves)
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bar utensils
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bottles 01
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bottles 02
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bottles 03
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bowl with ice
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Cocktail shaker
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Flower Arrangement
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Fruit Basket
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Glasses 01
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Glasses 02
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Glasses 03
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Glasses 04
Skye – Sandy Beach Kit
Trompe Loeil – Glacier Lake Rock Set @ Collabor88

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