Whatever Lola Wants


Lagom – Beaded curtains
Lagom – Liam bathroom sink [ Mirror ]

ZAKER – Lola Bathtub
ZAKER – Lola Folded Towel
ZAKER – Lola Rug
ZAKER – Lola Side Table
ZAKER – Lola Sink Simple
ZAKER – Lola Toilet
ZAKER – Lola Toilet Brush
ZAKER – Lola Toilet Paper
ZAKER – Lola Toothbrush
ZAKER – Lola Towels
ZAKER – Lola Tray
ZAKER – Lola Vase


Ariskea – [Adoro] Accent Chair
Ariskea – [Adoro] Sculpture Body – White
Ariskea – [Adoro] Stephania Erecta Plant
Creme Brulee – Sweeter Loft. Skybox
Floorplan – triple print / shore

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All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted.

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