Spoop House

Our love for the paranormal side of life is no secret, so it should come as no surprise that we really enjoy playing Phasmophobia. Around here the game is affectionately known as Spoop, and while we can not say we were overly thrilled with this rollback which forced everyone to be stripped of the gear they have always used and go back to the dark ages of paranormal research, we do still enjoy playing. With such a huge shift in game play, we feel perhaps they should have handled it more like blizzard dealt with WoW Classic, and giving players the option of gamestyle play.


Greymoon Designs – Grimwood House @ SWANK

Hawkers House – Vulturis Sanguinis @ SWANK

Harshlands – Creepy Well @ SWANK

Liliths Den – Necropolis Walls Kit @ SWANK


DaD – Weeping Willow – Adult

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