Dearly Beloved

Not all October weddings are meant to be spooktacular, even if they are in Salem. There was something about the inside of the new Salem’s Church by DRD at ACCESS that wanted to host a small country harvest wedding. Nothing elaborate or over the top, just some sunflowers from The Home Store and fallen leaves. The minister is from Salmagundi, though his day job is as a waiter, he still has the right clothes for the job !


DRD – Salem’s Church @ ACCESS

Salmagundi – Peter – Waiter V4

The Home Store – Fall Sunflowers Garland w/Twinkling Lights


Atelier Burgundy – Autumn Leaves – Colorful
BROKEN ARROWS – Flower Market – Sunflowers – White Worn
Simply Shelby – Home Sign – Autumn Wreath Only
Swank & Co – Autumn Sunflower Jug Warm

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