When we were younger, our dad had a car that looked very similar to this Betty from 777. She is still referred to as The Christine Car, after her striking resemblance to Steven King’s Christine. Our father was always working on several cars at any given time, and for a while Christine was his favorite project.

We can still vividly remember our step mother parking the car in the parking lot at the pizza place while she ran in to pick up lunch. She had left the engine running because Christine had a penchant for throwing hissy fits and refusing to start for anyone but our father.

So there we sat in the front seat and our younger sister was in her car seat in the back with the two other small children our step mother was babysitting that day. As we sat there waiting, we started seeing occasional small wafts of smoke coming out from under the hood. At first we paid it no attention, as we just figured Christine was grumbling about being left on, and we were not expecting our step mother to be much longer. The occasional wafts became a constant stream, so we reached across and turned the key off, yaking them out of the car as we were trying to tell the young kids in the back seat to unfasten the baby from her car seat.

There just happened to be another car pulling into the parking lot that saw the smoke, and 4 kids scrambling to get out of the car who came to help. They moved us safely away from the car and another passer by ran into the pizza place to get our step mother. The owner came out with her, carrying a fire extinguisher and they put out the small little blaze. As it turned out, the under hood insulation had managed to start smoldering, and luckily no one was hurt, but that was Christine’s last ride.


777 – Betty

SYNNERGY.TAVIS – Drive-In Movie Theater *

Backdrop was slightly modified by removing one of the included trucks to place the car, as well as making the existing surround background sky to use EEP sky settings from Battlescars for it.

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