Where Is The Cabin ?

This new release from Crowded Houses offers so many options to play with just from the hidden bunker entrance you can see from the picture. The bunker itself is modifiable which makes blending the mesh covering super easy to match with your sim terrain It also works really well as a skybox and fit easily on our 64 x 64 parcel. Our parcel covenant does not allow terraforming above a certain level, which many of you may fun into as an issue. It is easy to use the bunker at ground level if you keep the living levels under water level, which actually would make this an awesome home for those who love the land as well as the water. I chose to take it up to the sky instead, and used prims to extend the ground level in front of the entrance slightly to fill my parcel size. The area above the bunker is large enough for an entire other house if you like, or a gazebo for outdoor entertaining.

I could not give you a teaser of the outside without showing you just what goodies you can fit inside!

As you can see, the interior living area of the bunker is quite modern but that does not mean you can not make it feel as homey as you would if it had windows. The main living area is quite spacious and offers access to two larger rooms on either side of the center botanical garden space. There are also 3 smaller rooms as well as a fully built in modern sleek kitchen. On your way down from the bunkers entrance you will also pass by an armory, a command center as well as a large vault which is fully stocked with gold bars!


777 – Old Bill

Crowded Homes – Eons Bunker @ ALPHA Event

The Green Door – Brentwood Gazebo


Landscape By Felix – Mesh Rock Wall-BASICS

Little Branch – Giant Beech
Little Branch – Lombardy Poplar
Little Branch – Young Chestnut


Skye Studio – Rocky Platforms

SW Store – Seamless Autumn Terrain Texture Pack


Bricolage – Mojo Pillows

Crowded Homes – Eons Bunker @ ALPHA Event

KraftWork – Madrid Collection – Bookshelf
KraftWork – Runner Rugs – Stripes Black

ZAKER – Ginette Pillows

ZAKER – Lola Mirror Double
ZAKER – Lola Panel
ZAKER – Lola Sink Double

ZAKER – Yeti Books & Bowl @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Art @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Branch Vase @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Chair @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Coffee Table (BLACK) @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Console Table (BLACK) @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Drame au desert Statue @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Latte @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Lounger Sofa @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Pillow BLACK @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Pillow ORANGE @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Pouf BLACK @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Right Sofa @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Rug A @ The Grand
ZAKER – Yeti Sofa @ The Grand

What Next – House Plant – Agave (stand)
What Next – House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)
What Next – Pothos Plant (stand)
What Next – Swiss Cheese Plant (stand)
What Next – Monstera Plant (stand)
What Next – Zebra Plant (stand)


Apple Fall – Pampas Grass – Feather
DTC- Vegetables In Plot *
Dust Bunny – Hanging Propagation Bottles
HiVid – Smart TV
Mithral – Short Plaster Plant Shelf
Mithral – Wall Bar Plant Display
Moss & Mink – Taka Wall Planters (Pride)
SQUARE – HEXA Moss Wall Panel
Xplicit – Open Shower

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