For Rent


FAYDED – For Rent Sign @ Cosmopolitan
FAYDED – Modern Mailbox @ Cosmopolitan

Imegica – Lily House @ Cosmopolitan
Imegica – OakTree allSeasons (included with Lily House)

Konoha – Bilberry fields of Imania @ Cosmopolitan

Why Not – Lossburn Couples Season Bench – Natural Woods


Cerridwens Cauldron – Green Wall Cabinet- Aged Wood

CHEZ MOI – Caya Dining Chair
CHEZ MOI – Caya Dining Table
CHEZ MOI – Micka Chair
CHEZ MOI – Micka Couch

DRD – Pub Patio – Chair – Green
DRD – Pub Patio – Table – Green
DRD – Pub Patio – Umbrella – Black

Lagom – Mariann Curtains

What Next – Palisades BBQ Grill

Why Not – Adventure Playground


Atelier Burgundy – Doin Stone Path

Consignment & Dust Bunny – Adaline living room . cabinet . walnut
Consignment & Dust Bunny – Gracie Living Room – Tv Stand – Wood

Trompe Loeil – Afton Barrel Open

Vespertine – large potted chrysanthemums / redmix
Vespertine – large potted chrysanthemums / winered

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