How Do You Chill-i

When it comes to Chili, there are as many options and opinions as there are people who eat it. Once you get past the actual making of it, of which the opinions on what makes the best chili worse than a political debate in some company, another set of lines are drawn. We enjoy ours in a variety of ways, depending on which of us is eating it, and what mood they may be in at the time.

With rice, elbow pasta, saltines, oyster crackers, cheez-its, grilled cheese. No matter which of those gets added, there is always sour cream and shredded cheese involved.

What Next released this fantastic slow cooker with chili to warm every heart and home, and theirs comes with tortilla chips. For us, corn chips are not an option as we have developed an allergy to corn over the past several years, which sadly means no tortilla chips, fritos or doritos, as well as having to keep an eye out for the 5 million things in the US that include corn syrup !

So how do you chill-i ?


Imegica – Halle tinyLoft @ Hello Tuesday

What Next – Slow Cooker
What Next – Small Chilli Bowl
What Next – Small Spoon


Dictatorshop – Essenti – Cabinet Base 4 Wide

KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter . Herbs Basket (Silver)
KraftWork – Fridge Clutter . Milk Bottle
KraftWork – Kitchen Rails . Flower Rack
KraftWork – Kitchen Rails . Magnetic Knives Strip
KraftWork – Kitchen Rails . Paper & More Rack
KraftWork – Kitchen Rails . Spices Rack
KraftWork – Kitchen Rails . Spoons Clutter
KraftWork – Steel Pedal Kitchen Trash Can

What Next – Kitchenette Tea Kettle
What Next – Kitchenette Toaster


BackBone – Backyard BBQ – Stool (black)
Canape – Black Stainless Steel Dish Rack
DaD – “Ceramic Wall Tiles” Chess B&W
Dust Bunny – heartz-it crackers . cheddar
Merak – Pasta Leftovers
Nutmeg – Vintage Flat Kitchen Cookware Rack
Pitaya – Grandma’s clutter – Bottles 01
Pitaya – Grandma’s clutter – Old pasta drainer
Pitaya – Grandma’s clutter – red pan
RC Cluster – Dirty Dishes (pile)
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – pots

Crackers Box @ Self Made
Oysters Box @ Self Made
Pasta Box @ Self Made
Rice Box @ Self Made

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