Fon Due

We have to admit that we have always gotten great giggly enjoyment about saying the word fondue. When we were younger, the giggles came because saying ” Oh Fon Due!” was technically not cursing. While we did not get in trouble for saying it, we did still get a look that told us it was not appropriate language for children.


Goddess Creations – Fall Owl Flowerpot-V.1 @ SWANK Event

Hawkers House – Fall Is In The Air Wall Group @ SWANK Event

LouChara – Cheese Board with Figs @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Coffee Pot @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Fondue Bread @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Fondue Set @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Freja Dining Chair @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Freja Kitchen @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Freja Oven @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Freya Dining Table @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Olives @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Plates and Napkins Decor @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Sharing Cheeseboard @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Stacked Coffee Mugs @ SWANK Event
LouChara – Table Wine @ SWANK Event

Swank & Co. Autumn Leaf Armoire @ SWANK Event


CHEZ MOI – Wright Spices

KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter.Can Food


InsurreKtion – Pots & Pans Set – Deep Dutch Oven Black
InsurreKtion – Pots & Pans Set – Skillet Red
Moss & Mink – Mallory Clucky Cookbooks (Luxxe)
Moss & Mink – Mallory Cookware – Baking Tins (Homme)
Moss & Mink – Mallory Cookware – Serving Platters (Homme)
Moss & Mink – Mallory Cup Rack (Luxxe)
Moss & Mink – Mallory Spice Rack (Luxxe)
Moss & Mink – Mallory Tea Tin Plants (Luxxe)
Nutmeg – Vintage Flat Kitchen Cookware Rack
Pitaya – Folk kitchenware – Spices (yellow)
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – mismatched plastic containers
Spruce – Grandma’s recipe tin {blooms 2}
Vespertine – books of herbs – set 2 / color
Your Dreams – Industrial Home Kitchen – Kitchen Storage Container Set

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