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As most of you know, it is extremely rare to see a fashion post on our blog. It has been just over a year since we made the choice to focus on home & decor and we have not regretted that decision once. This round of Cosmopolitan left us no choice but to include a little fashion with our decor.

As we were standing in the blogger room, we could not help but picture this shot in our head as we saw each of the items all presented at the same round. Our mind instantly put them together in this exact scene and we saw the shot before we even clicked to take any of the items. For us there was no questioning that we needed to present them to you together.


B(u)Y ME – Glamour Show Poseset @ Cosmopolitan

Deep Static – Bindi Glasses @ Cosmopolitan

HIDDEN – HANJO TABLE II @ Cosmopolitan

NO.MATCH – NO_BOYFRIEND @ Cosmopolitan

Poema – Angelina Skin T.6 @ Cosmopolitan

PurpleMoon Creations – Taylor Dress @ Cosmopolitan

ZAKKAYARainy Alley @ Cosmopolitan


Apricot Paws – Handy Pawpads
AvaWay – THE CAT PET Necklaces Set
Adora-tions – Blessed Face Tattoo EvoX 50%
ALT3 – Soaked FX Shine
ANDORE – Winter Sky [LeL Evo X – ELF]
Bootys Beauty – Oola Lashes
Bunk – Nose Spikes
Catseye – Bento Tail tufted MEDIUM
Gloom – Illuminatti Collection – Sclera 02 – L.Brown
Heron – TORYEL Makeup
Izzies – Body Imperfections 06 + freckles
Izzies – LeL Evo X – Freckles 04
LeLutka – ORA evoX
Marshmallow – After All This Time Chest Tattoo
Quirky – Solid Gremlin Claws
VELOUR – Ipanema Body Cleavage – Push-Up (Sunkiss)
VELOUR – Ipanema Body Curvy (Sunkiss)
YsoraL – Necklace Sira
Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring Tessa

Worn item credits are not included for non fashion featured posts.
For questions about what we may be wearing, please ask or see the body basics page.
Items or Poses marked with an * have been modified for the photo.
All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted.

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