Unexpected Guests

Today’s public service announcement is to always give plenty of notice of your intentions to visit other people who do not have children still living at home. This includes the older generations, including your parents and grandparents.

How many times have you heard the joke about ” Oh I can’t wait till our kids all leave home, then our empty nest can finally have that workshop / craft room we always wanted!” We have all heard it, but how many of us have actually seen the inside of those workshop / craft rooms, or evidence of the activities they claim to love having the privacy to work on in them ? EXACTLY !

So visit without notice at your own risk, and be ready to explain to your children why Aunt Agnes prefers to hang her clothes to dry on the cage beside the fireplace and why you should never ever lick a wooden spoon that is not yours !


Dictatorshop – Breeze – Standing Cage

Dreamland Designs – Bridgerton Green Rug
Dreamland Designs – Bridgerton Rustic Side Table
Dreamland Designs – Bridgerton Vintage Chair Chair

Imegica – Onyx Fireplace @ Cosmopolitan

KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Basic T-Shirt
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Button Down Shirt
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Cropped Sweater
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Folded Pants
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Knotted Tee
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Summer Dress

KraftWork – Shoes Clutter . Chelsea Ankle
KraftWork – Shoes Clutter . Combat Boots
KraftWork – Shoes Clutter . Loafer

Swank & Co – Shabby Farmhouse Lamp Green @ SWANK Event


Aardvark – Mom’s last nerve Cross Stitch – FORGETFUL

Dust Bunny – hanging plants . cheese plant
Dust Bunny – hanging plants . double planter
Dust Bunny – hanging plants . spider planter

Fapple – Hanging Tool Carousel
Fapple – Nicholas Crop Rack
Fapple – Nicholas Flogger Rack

Floorplan – framed cross-stitch / cry
Floorplan – leaning portrait / fuck off
Floorplan – rude embroidery hoop / nudes

Krescendo – Tough Love – Purple

LYBRA After Dark – Kinky Toy Rack
LYBRA After Dark – Kinky Toy Rack GIFT (Aug. 2022)

Petite Mort – HM Book Stack

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