Alternative Meals

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and in some homes that means more than just the traditional items we all love. Every family has it’s members, usually the younger ones, who refuse to eat what everyone else is eating. They may eat anything and everything all year round, but soon as there is a family gathering, they only like dinner rolls, peanut butter and jelly and chicken nuggets. These were the alternative meal items available at our grandmothers house if you did not want what everyone else was having. You were also welcome to a cheese sandwich, but it was not going to be grilled.


CHEZ MOI – Elula Kitchen @ Cosmopolitan
CHEZ MOI – Elula Kitchen Island @ Cosmopolitan
CHEZ MOI – Elula Cabinet & Oven @ Cosmopolitan
CHEZ MOI – Elula Chair @ Cosmopolitan


BROKEN ARROWS – Sparrow – Wall Hanger – Clear
Canape – Black Stainless Steel Dish Rack
Consignment & Dust Bunny – Coffee Station – Black
DaD – Ceramic Wall Tiles – Black
DaD – Ceramic Wall Tiles – Cream
Dust Bunny – Unicorn cookie jar
Junk Food – Baked Mac & Cheese
Junk Food – Bologna Sandwich Platter
Junk Food – Cafe Busted Coffee Can
Junk Food – Deviled Eggs
Junk Food – Dino Nuggies Box
Junk Food – Dryz Crackers & Cheese
Junk Food – Gravy Boat
Junk Food – Green Bean Casserole
Junk Food – Mashed Potatoes
Junk Food – PB&J Platter
Junk Food – Rolls
Junk Food – Salad Bowl with Spoon
Junk Food – Snack Cart
Junk Food – Turkey Platter (White)
Merak – Baking Preparations
Moss & Mink – Mallory Cookware – Frypans (Homme)
Moss & Mink – Mallory Cookware – Pots (Homme)
Spruce – Strawberry cake bake set {baking supplies}

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