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Oh let us tell you about this Ultimate Sex Bed from FNY Designs. This thing is outstanding, just for decor options alone. You will have to check out the animation selection with your own favorite animation tester, we may share some things, but not all things and these are best to find out personally !

We can let you know what FNY Designs has to say. 1028+ Animation Files including Bento Animations & Facial Animations, 3 Hours of Adult & PG Animation Sequences, with PG Solos & Couples, Adult Solos & Couples, Lesbian fun, Threesomes, Foursomes, Fetish & BDSM,

We can tell you about the bed design itself, which is ingenious ! When you rez out your bed for the first time, you may be quite surprised to see that you only get a bare white mattress. Do not fear, just click the mattress to access the options menu ! This is where the magic comes from.

No matter if your going to decorate a cosy family home, a modern loft, a luxury club, a hotel/motel, an old castle or an improved hobo home, this high quality bed will always fit your needs. You’re just one click away from the only Sex Bed you’ll ever need.

This bed is not just texture change where the bedding is concerned but offers 6 styles of bed frames to get you started. From there you can customize the color of the frame and then move on to the bedding, blanket and pillows. You also get 3 bedding style; neat pillows and plush blankets, slightly messy, and the lazy weekend style when beds are meant to be left unmade. There are preset themes that include side tables, plants and other assorted decor as well as a decor menu to let you pick and choose exactly what suits your style. The possibilities are nearly endless!


Erfe Design – Abstract Creams Painting Set

FNY Designs – The Ultimate Sex Bed

Bed Rezzed Items :
.FNY. Blanket
.FNY. Prop Adult 1
.FNY. Prop Adult 2
.FNY. Prop Adult 3
.FNY. Prop Adult S
.FNY. Prop BDSM 1
.FNY. Prop BDSM 2
.FNY. Prop Champagne
.FNY. Prop Condoms
.FNY. Prop Handy
.FNY. Prop Orchid
.FNY. Prop Palm
.FNY. Prop Remote
.FNY. Sidetable
.FNY. Upholstered Frame


CHEZ MOI – Malorie Mirror & Pouf Set

What Next – Maison Drapes

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