Returning Home

Honey, we’re home !

As any of you that follow us may have known, we have been on hiatus since January. The last few months have been chock full of exciting changes for our RL. We have gotten married, applied for and been approved for a UK Spouse VISA, spent a month in the UK with our new wife and flown back to the US to finish tying up loose ends and pack the rest of our things that will be making the final move across the pond with us.

Now that we are done traveling for a few months, we decided we were ready to get back into our blogging routine, tho we will be keeping our sponsor numbers small until the final move this summer. We are quite excited to make our return with a brand new to us sponsor of Scafall !


Scafall – Ceres / Vase & Stones
Scafall – Ceres / Wood Pair


Scafall – Narra / Low Table
Scafall – ULURU Pots / Large
Scafall – ULURU Pots / Medium


Apple Fall – Stacked Magazines
Atelier Burgundy – Closet Clutter – 3 Folded I Pride
BabyBop – Mini Dino Cruiser – Green
CHEZ MOI – Micka Chair
CHEZ MOI – Micka Coffee Table
CHEZ MOI – Micka Decor
CHEZ MOI – Micka Vase Set
HiVid – Smart TV – v1.5
JIAN – Classic German Shepherds Decor // Sleepy Adult
JIAN – Classic German Shepherds Decor // Toy Destroyer
KittyKate – Cars PlayRug
KraftWork – Runner Rugs . Stripes White
MYSA – Laundry Basket
What Next – Kitchenette Coffee Maker
Your Dreams – Evers Laundry – Folded clothes
Zooby – Animesh Plush Kitty Colors
Zooby – Puzzle Letter Box

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