Places To Go

As to be expected life around the RL house has been full of purging, packing and generally being exhausted. You never truly realize how many things you own until you have to decide what is worth making the cut into the $200 per box to ship overseas ! That price tag is the make or break line for a great many items that have been part of our collective “stuff”. All important items have made the cut. Sentimental items that are obscenely heavy, like the kitchen aid mixer, will find new homes amongst family members. We are happy with what we are taking with us, the only thing not making the journey with us that we wish fit in a box is our kiddo, but he is a grown adult and is time for him to make his own way in the world as the responsible adult he has grown up to be.


Oaklynn – Charmscapes Frame – Places


Apple Fall – Pampas Grass – Feather
Enaitch – sweet memories – carpet grey
Enaitch – sweet memories – grey sofa
Enaitch – sweet memories – natural table
KOPFKINO – Blanche Caged Candles
KraftWork – French Wall Panel
KraftWork – Serene Collection . Books and Glasses
Nutmeg – Retro Glam Telephone Cream w/Pearls
Soul2Soul – Coastal Chic Trunk Lrg
Soul2Soul – Coastal Chic Trunk Sml

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