Simpler Times

We all have heard, and most of us have used at one point or another “Oh to live in simpler times”. It does sound good, but the reality of an idea is never quite as fun as the idea itself. What we oft wistfully refer to as simper times, in all reality, were far harder than our fantasies allow for.

Lets start with the #1 reality check that most choose to overlook, and who wouldn’t really. Poop ! Yes, I said poop. In those ‘simper times’ there was poop, every where. A simple life of horse and buggy, involves those horse’s having to poop, and unless you lived in a posh city, that poop did not get scooped up off the public streets. Livestock of various breeds, were grazed and bred, and they all poop too !

#2 simpler times bubble booster, lack of variety in foods. Lets face it, in those simpler times, you were cooking what you ate, and you most likely ate the same thing over and over and over your entire life. There was no grabbing a pizza or happy meal on the way home because you just can not even think about cooking. If you, or someone in your house did not cook, you were not eating !

I am sure this list could grow on indefinitely, but for the sake of this post and my train of thought, I will leave you to come up with some more of your own. What I will leave you with today, are all of these fantastic goodies from HISA and HEXtraordinary, that will make your mind drift to think of those poopy boring simpler times.


HISA – The Windburrow
HISA – Beech Tree
HISA – Flora wildflower grass
HEXtraordinary – Sea Serpent Topiary


HISA – La Petite Cloture – Stone Path
HISA – Newland Mailbox
HISA – English Garden Shed


Agnesa Estate – Farm Animals – Sheep Grazing
Agnesa Estate – Farm Animals – Sheep Looking
Agnesa Estate – Farm Animals – Sheep Standing
Dust Bunny – Hanging Plants – cheese plant
Dust Bunny – Hanging Plants – double planter
Dust Bunny – Hanging Plants – spider planter
Dust Bunny – Storybook Living – Wishing Well
Fundati – Nature Stone Wall
Landscaping by Felix – Mesh Nature Scene #5 *modified
Landscaping by Felix – Wall Border Scene

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