That Kid Life

Days of Thanksgiving #9

Today we are giving thanks for our amazing children, Mina, Eoin, Aryn, Paxton, Elijah, Ollie, Shelby & Artie. While the photo may be full of the kitty variety, and while our children may behave like animals a great deal of the time, they really are more than one handful, so it is a good thing we have multiple sets of hands.

With all these paws and claws, perhaps the Leather Livingroom Set from Noveny was not the best choice for family gatherings, but it is just too comfy to pass up, and the kitties all love the Cat Gym, also at the Noveny mainstore.

Be My Mannequin has our full hands covered with two different poses today. Fancy A Slice and Master of Puppets are both available at the mainstore. Very slight modifications were made to poses to adjust for wrist and neck angles.

Lilleth Mills has knocked it out of the part with the new Slashed set, available at the mainstore. Sets are sold by body and there are 3 color packs to choose from.


Lilleth Mills – Slashed
Noveny – Cat Gym
Noveny – Leather Livingroom Set
Be My Mannequin – Fancy A Slice*
Be My Mannequin – Master Of Puppets*


Reborn – Juicy Boobs
Reborn – Juicy Rolls
Maze Mods – Soft Thighs
Monso – Maytika Hair


BeSpoke – Lion Mica
Exile – Future Outcasts
Apricot Paws – Feety Peets
Apricot Paws – Handy Paws
Catseye – Bento Tail – Tufted
Tiller – Athletic Shirt – Lion
Deadwool – Kojima Jeans


Trompe Loeil – Camden Cove
Pitaya – Classic Rugs – Clean Beige
Pitaya – Farm Curtains
DRD – Rustic Refurbished shelf
JIAN – Lion Cub
JIAN – Kitten Clingers
JIAN – Ragdoll Cat
JIAN – Forest Cat
JIAN – Kitty Shelving
JIAN – Sleeping Kitty Pillow


Arysta – Be My Mannequin – Fancy A Slice*
Troy – Be My Mannequin – Master Of Puppets*

Worn item credits are not included for non fashion featured posts.
For questions about what we may be wearing, please ask or see the body basics page.
Items or Poses marked with an * have been modified for the photo.
All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted.