Snow Day Plans

Since earlier this week, our local weather forcasts have talked of nothing but the large storm that was expected to hit us from Thursday evening into Saturday morning. Our local snow accumulations were expected to be between 2 – 5 inches, so every school age child in the area went to bed last night expecting at minimum a 2 hour delay start for school today. Well, as the weather will do, it decided to ride the freezing line fence all night and lean heavily on the higher side, so all we got was rain, so school was on its normal ass crack early start time.


JIAN – Classic St. Bernard Decor Set
Noveny – Victorian Rusty House
Noveny – Snow Add-On – Victorian Rusty House


Bad Katz – Snowy Pavers
FINCA – Noble FIR – snowy
Fundati – Giant Snow Cliff
Fundati – Preimum Rocks & Boulders
Fundati – Stone Vase Set With Stones + Snow
Fundati – Greek Fir
Tarte – Holiday Lights
Tarte – Snow Prims

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