Warm Country Home

Days of Thanksgiving #21.

Today we are extremely thankful for our Lister-Lake family, who are currently in Arizona basking in the glow of their recent RL wedding, and the upcoming bigger ceremony wedding! We can not even begin to express how happy we are for them, and look forward to being even closer family as we all move forward together !

The LouChara – Neve Living Room offers the classic south west look with a modern rustic vibe. You can get your very own at the Beauty Event from November 21 – December 11.


LouChara – Neve Living Room @ Beauty Event


The Green Door – Bently House
CHEZ MOI – Firewood Holder
SQUARE – KIA Lips Decor Blk
Black Sand – Buddha Love Light
Black Sand – Buddha Head Statue
Black Sand – Ganso Goose Decor A
Consignment – Groves Modular Bookcase
Cheeky Pea – Country Home Console
Dust Bunny – Stay Awhile Entryway Hanger
Your Dreams – Montebello Bedroom – Decorated Boxes
What Next – Soup & Sandwich
What Next – Picture Gallery Frames

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