Our Hollowed Home

Recently we had a conversation with one of our SL sisters about decorating for the holidays, and we had to chuckle about how we have no patience for decorating in RL, but love doing it in SL. When it comes to holiday decor we have an attention span of about 2 weeks, unfortunately commercialism thinks it needs to shove every holiday down your throat 3 months before it gets here, so by the time the holiday actually comes around, you have zero desire to put it up, only to have to take it all back down again in 2 weeks.

Thankfully in SL, decorating and redecorating is as easy as a click of the mouse, and an inventory search for keywords, or if you have a Kait, just find the appropriately named holiday folder in your #Seasonal Decor folder.

I was so excited to see the Kendrick Cabin from The Green Door for TLC. You can pick it up yourself at TLC from October 18th – November 10th. The Kendrick Cabin is a cozy wood cabin with one bedroom, a kitchen/dining area, living area and bathroom. Features the home control system for security and texture change. Only 80 LI, copy/mod.

The cabin makes the perfect rural home for this InkMe Deads and Ghosts set which you can pick up at Halloweentown. The set comes with gravestones, floating ghosts, hanging skeletons, covered bodies, a giant skull and jack-o-lanterns. While you are over at Halloweentown, be sure and check out all of the other spooky holiday items, as well as seasonal fall items too.

I could not resist doing a larger staging of the cabin for my own enjoyment, and decided to include them for inspiration for you all too ! I hope you enjoy !


The Green Door – Kendrick Cabin @ TLC
InkMe – Deads and ghosts B @ Halloweentown


Apple Fall – Pumpkin Harvest Wreath
Bee Designs – Halloween Living room
Fapple – Barrel with Pumpkins
Lunaria – Harvest Fence
NACH – Halloween Welcome Mat
Noveny – Pumpkin Scarecrow – Red
What Next – Autumn Leaves Garland
What Next – Happy Fall Banner


ACORN – Sink Brush Jug
ACORN – Sink Plug
ACORN – Soap Dish Jug
ACORN – Vintage Style Dish Rack
Alouette – Basil Plant – Potted *Discontinued
ARIA – Savannah Roman Blinds
BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Bowls (Porcelain/Text)
Cheeky Pea – Country Home Console
Consignment – Catia Kitchen – Microwave
DRD – Rustic Refurbished shelf
Dust Bunny – laundry room cabinets
Dust Bunny – potted bromeliad
Hive – modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Can Food
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Can Food Pile (Gold)
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Closed Basket Blue
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Coffee
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Dill
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Glasses (Gold)
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Granola
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Herbs Basket (Gold)
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Paper Towel Basket (Gold)
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Paprika
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Plate Pile
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Quinoa
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Rice
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Spaghetti
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Thyme
KraftWork – Kitchen Clutter – Wheat
What Next – Dotty Cookie Jar
What Next – Patisserie Kitchen Mixer
What Next – Patisserie Kitchen Utensils
Why Not ? – Airntully Floor Rug
Why Not ? – Carberry Country Kitchen Rugs
Why Not ? – Tarvie Dining Table
Your Dreams – Ambrosial Kitchen – Red Big casserole
Your Dreams – Ambrosial Kitchen – Fruit iron basket
Your Dreams – Ambrosial Kitchen – Rug
Your Dreams – Apartment kitchen – – Cutlery pot
Your Dreams – Apartment kitchen – Blender Green
Your Dreams – Apartment kitchen – Rug
Your Dreams – Classic Kitchen – Big Pan
Your Dreams – Dream Home kitchen – Egg basket
Your Dreams – Dream kitchen – Coffee machine


Bee Designs – fall for you 03
Bee Designs – fall for you 05
Bee Designs – fall for you 06
Black King By Fabio Castelli (Original Art)
BTW – Gnomey Fall Frame (Brown)
Cullum Writer – Seduction (Original Art)
Dust Bunny – laundry room clutter . hanging tote bag
Dust Bunny – potted cheese plant
Dust Bunny – spotted begonia
Fetch – Szalina Curtain
FINCA – fall penant (group gift)
Floorplan – jack’s scattered manuscript
LouChara – Hello Autumn Bench
LouChara – Hello Autumn Decor
What Next – Brixton Bakers Rack
Why Not ? – Achnacraig Wall Shelf
Why Not ? – Applecross Livingroom Wall Art Frames
Why Not ? – Bracklinn Fall Rug
Why Not ? – Glenearn Arm Chair
Why Not ? – Glenearn Basket Plant
Why Not ? – Glenearn Basket Plant
Why Not ? – Glenearn Book Shelf {L}
Why Not ? – Glenearn Book Shelf {R}
Why Not ? – Glenearn Cat Nap Decor
Why Not ? – Glenearn Fire place Decor
Why Not ? – Glenearn Giraffe Planters
Why Not ? – Glenearn Ornamental Pot
Why Not ? – Glenearn Ottoman
Why Not ? – Glenearn Side Board
Why Not ? – Glenearn Sofa
Why Not ? – Glenfarg Wall Art C
Why Not ? – Lochrin Wall Shelf 1
Why Not ? – Lochrin Wall Shelf 2
Your Dreams – Lattissima Coffee Bar – Old apple frame
Your Dreams – Lattissima Coffee Bar – Old lemon frame

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