Villa Azur

Ah the thoughts of running away to some tropical paradise with the sun and the sand and not a care in the world at least until the logical side of the brain kicks in. Sand in all the wrong places, sunburn, insects, remembering its always the pretty tropical islands where they build the underground bunkers to hide the military experiment compounds. Maybe staying home with a nice netflix binge would be far better, k thanks bye !


CHEZ MOI – Eggshell Cozy Nook @ Cosmopolitan
LouChara – Selsey Rug
NATURI – Banana Oriental Indoor plant
NATURI – Potted Palm Indoor Plant
SQUARE – OTTO fireplace brown marble
SQUARE – VOXX Cobogo Wall
ZAKER – Villa Azur @ Tres Chic


ACD – Babygirls Pegicorn Floaty Ring
Caboodle – Pool Floaty – Ruffled – Holo
Caboodle – Pool Floaty – Ruffled – Bubblegum
Fapple- Alexander Glass Coffee Table
Landscaping By Felix – Mesh Tropical Paradise Lagoon
Merak – Beach Necessities
Merak – Totes Clutter
Merak – Towel Tropicana
Mithral – Block Plant Wall Display
Mithral – Short Plaster Plant Shelf
Nutmeg – Wicker Corridor Wall Baskets
ReKa – Rustic Bench – Group Gift
Sways – Emoji Mini Flowerpot Set
Your Dreams – Modern Romantic Bedroom

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