We Ain’t Skeered

When it comes to spiders, we have an agreement with the them at our house. They are perfectly welcome to live outside as nature intended, but if they choose to come inside, we have every right to kill them. Troy is not a fan of the 8 legged crawlies, but tends to catch and release and not kill. Our SL brother Thanatos, has tarantula’s in RL that we enjoy seeing pictures of, they really are pretty if you take the time to look at them without being creeped out by them.

Something else we could never be skeered of, are these wonderful Gorgon Lily’s from Cerridwens Cauldron for Hallow Manor. The event runs from October 14th till November 1st and is packed with goodies you will just love. You can also find the Crystal Groundcover, Hellthorn Briar and Twinkles in the Cerridwens Cauldron booth at a discount for the duration of the event.

If you wish to face off with your own spiders, PosEd has the perfect pose for it available at the Halloween Shop & Hop. You can also find lots of other goodies on sale there as well.


PosEd – Nothing Scares Me Except Spiders @ Halloween Shop & Hop
Cerridwens Cauldron – Gorgon Lily @ Hallow Manor – Exclusive
Cerridwens Cauldron – Crystal Groundcover @ Hallow Manor – Discount
Cerridwens Cauldron – Hellthorn Briar v2 @ Hallow Manor – Discount
Cerridwens Cauldron – Twinkles @ Hallow Manor – Discount
Cerridwens Cauldron – Fungal Underbrush v2
Cerridwens Cauldron – Sidhe Trumpet Mushroom v2
Cerridwens Cauldron – Wisp Mushroom


JIAN -Ghost Boxer Adult


Addams – Naima Fuzzy Knit Cardigan
Addams – Naima Lace Cami
Addams – Naima Ripped Jeans
Addams – Naima Boots
Magika – Salem Hair
Deep Static – Anneka Glasses


Bron – Bat Shirt @ Halloween Shop & Hop – Gift

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