Dinner Service

There are a wonderful assortment of fully staffed Second Life dining venues, allowing for an amazing roleplay experience for all involved. Sometimes tho, you just want to enjoy the idea of dining out, without the extra people around. The FNY Designs – Manhattan Dining – Backdrop available at Cosmopolitan allows you to have the feel of a sky rise restaurant view with all the privacy your own parcel will allow. Add in some table decor from Erfe Design, delicious meal options from Chef Hill, and your very own wait staff from Salamagundi, and date night is all yours !


Chef Hill – Salmon Teriyaki Bowl Decor @ Cosmopolitan
Chef Hill – Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake Decor @ Cosmopolitan

Erfe Design – Deer Decorative Set Gold

FNY Designs – Manhattan Dining – Backdrop @ Cosmopolitan

Salmagundi – Antonio – Waiter – Standing Pose 01
Salmagundi – Dennis – Waiter – Standing Pose 02
Salmagundi – Martine – Waitress – Standing Pose 01
Salmagundi – Walter – Sitting Pose 01 – Phantom

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