More Than Just Green

Fun little greenhouse fact for you today.

The Roman emperor Tiberius, had a mysterious illness that the experts said that eating a cucumber every day would cure. While this was easy enough during the warmer months, the winter made it a bit difficult to grow the miracle cure.

The first thing they tried was to plat the cucumbers in wheelbarrows and push them out into the sunshine during the day, and bring them back inside at night. The trouble with this was that they still were not getting enough heat and still died, leaving the poor emperor with no cuke!

They then decided to try covering the plants with oiled cloth and thin sheets of transparent selenite or gypsum, which then evolved into entire buildings being made using those as the roofing material.

The Koreans also developed a concept called ondol from 1438 to 1450. This was a method of underfloor heating, and they grew mandarin oranges together with other plants. Heating from the bottom and not the top !


The Green Door – Greenhouse

HISA – Flora Wildflower Grass – Mixed Greens
HISA – Floral Bouquet Vines
HISA – Grass – Mixed Greens


Decor Juntion + Shutter Field – Archway – White
Dust Bunny – Dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree
Dust Bunny – Dwarf fruit trees . green apple tree
Dust Bunny – Dwarf fruit trees . red apple tree
Dust Bunny – Petal wall & archway . wall
Fundati – Giant Ligustrum Bonsai Tree
Fundati – Giant Oak Tree
Fundati – Sakura Oak Tree
KraftWork – Ouray Gazebo and Pergola . Straight Floor
Landscape By Felix – Mesh Flower Way Set #2
Little Branch – Linden Green Spire Tree
Little Branch – Lombardy Poplar
Little Branch – Young Chestnut

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