Leaving My Hat On

Days of Thanksgiving #15

Today we are thankful for our grandparents. While having absolutely nothing to do with our photos, it is still what we are thankful for today. We were raised by our grandparents, and they are both in their late 80’s now, and we are pushing ourselves not to struggle with their increasing medical troubles, and thoughts that there will sooner, not later, be a day when we lose one and then both of them. Until then, we are thankful for each day we get with them.

Now, on to things for you to be thankful for, the first of which is this oh so deliciously classy and sexy Fedora Boudoir Pose from Something New / Something Erotic for the WOW Event from November 7 – November 25. Pose includes a modifiable and un-textured fedora, allowing you to tint it to suit your tastes.

The sleek and sexy Violet Set from Haagenti is available at the Dreamday Event from November 6 – November 25.

Second Nature Jewellery has released the Martine Earrings and Necklace, which are simply elegant without the need for formal wear.

SQUARE is where you want to head for the KIA and REEKA Consoles. Each comes in your choice of white or black and includes decor items.

For the ultimate in wall paneling, DICTATORSHOP has the superb offerings of Louis Wall Paneling as well as Accents. These items work for both historical as well as modern decor, with multiple texture options plus the ability to tint, your options are unlimited.


Something Erotic – Fedora Boudoir @ WOW Event
Haagenti – Violet Set @ Dreamday Event
SQUARE – KIA Console
DICTATORSHOP – Louis Wall Paneling Kit
DICTATORSHOP – Louis Wall Accents Kit
Second Nature Jewellery – Martine Earrings
Second Nature Jewellery – Martine Necklace


Doe – Zoie
JOY – Choco Lipstick

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