Island Vacation

Oh it feels like we could use a nice island vacation today. Woke up thinking we had 2 days worth of posts ready to go, only to realize that the events for those posts will not be till later this week, so something new needed to be shot for today ! Since we almost always have several posts worth of ideas ready to go at any given time, we just moved up the time schedule for a couple to fill in the gap.

Today you get LouChara’s Calypso Bedroom set, which was originally slated for Wednesday, but was the closest to ready we had in the works. To give you a little behind the scenes peek at our workflow, this is what the scene looked like upon waking up this morning and realizing ” okay need to flesh this out for today ! ”


CHEZ MOI – Valencia Chair
CHEZ MOI – Valencia Coffee Table
CHEZ MOI – Valencia Couch

LouChara – Calypso Bed
LouChara – Calypso Nightstand
LouChara – Calypso Potted Plant
LouChara – Calypso Rug
LouChara – Calypso Storage Trunk
LouChara – Calypso Wall Art

ZAKER – Refuge Villa
ZAKER – Tropez outdoor Bar


David Heather – Duffle Pile
David Heather – Ersch Gym Bag
Driftwood – Greenwich Divider. Long. Natural
Fapple – Beach Bag Open
Fundati – Ivy Leaves
Mithral – Abstract Deer Head Planter
Mithral – Block Plant Wall Display
Mithral – Tiered Block Cactus Display
Mithral – Vine Horizontal Wall Planter

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