Days Of Thanksgiving Day #4

Today we are thankful for having a home, both RL and SL. While our RL home may not ever be something that graces Better Homes and Gardens, and our SL home is a grass textured platform in the sky, they are home to us. They are that ‘safe space’ away from the rest of the world where no one cares that we live in pajama pants.

Today, I would like to show you the gorgeous Tulum Villa from Zaker out now for LEVEL from November 1st – November 24th. The Tulum Villa is a 2 story walled sanctuary that includes animated pool ( solo & cuddle ). With a footprint of 21 x 33 and 99LI it has a wonderful layout allowing for multiple decor options.


ZAKER : Tulum Villa @ LEVEL


ARIA – Ophelia Rug
Ariskea – June Group Gift – Wood Lamp
Consignment – Tower Shower
DDD – Twinkling Ivy
Dictatorshop – Tropicality Adult Chair
Dictatorshop – Tropicality Adult Sofa
FOURTH WALL – Landscaping Pebbles
Fundati – Giant Coconut Palm Tree
Fundati – Ivy Leaves
Fundati – Opuntia Cactus
Merak – Floral Orange Rug
Mithral – Pyramid Plant Shelves
Mithral – Tiered Block Cactus Display
Mithral – Wall Bar Plant Display
Monarchs – Tropical Trees Pack
Moss&Mink – Plant – Sack Palm
Moss&Mink – Taka Wall Planters
Muniick – Large Snake Plant in Bronze Planter
Trompe Loeil – Classic Wicker Basket with Towel Brown
What Next – Bird of Paradise Plant
What Next – Palisades Outdoor Bar
Why Not ? – Kilrenny Vintage Coffee Table
Why Not ? – Kilrenny Vintage Plant Table
Your Dreams – Tropical Swimming Pool – Lantern


ARIA – Ophelia rug
ARIA – Signe sectional sofa
BAZAR – Morocco-Side table
BAZAR – Stockholm Headphones
Cheeky Pea – Marchmont Place Setting
Consignment – Hack Sofa – Black
elev8 – Nobu dining chair
elev8 – Nobu dining table
Fancy Decor – Table & Frame Set
Fancy Decor – Wire Basket w/ Pillows
FOURTH WALL – Allur Bookcase
FOURTH WALL – Pixl Sculpture
KraftWork – Runner Rugs – Stripes Black
Pixel Mode – Aderley Rug – Gray
Trompe Loeil – Onika Modern Woodstove + Logs
Why Not ? – Kilrenny Tall Plant


Bloom Originals – Amara Kitchen shelf Beige
BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Display
BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Rod (Light Wood)
Merak – Kettle Black
Your Dreams – Ambrosial Kitchen – Dish drainer
Your Dreams – Apartment kitchen – Blender Gray
Your Dreams – Thela compact kitchen – Microwave
Your Dreams – Thela compact kitchen – Hanging Cabinet Dark
Your Dreams – Ambrosial Kitchen – Fruit iron basket
Your Dreams – Steamin’ Mugs – Coffee Bar – Espresso Machine
Your Dreams – Apartment kitchen – Stainless fridge
Your Dreams – Ambrosial Kitchen – Kitchen
Your Dreams – Ambrosial Kitchen – Rug


Apple Fall – Begonia Maculata
Apple Fall – Globe w/ Books – Black
BackBone – Gamer’s Heaven – Keyboard & Mouse
BackBone – Gamer’s Heaven – Monitor
BackBone – Gamer’s Heaven – Work Station
BackBone – Gamer’s Hell – Mousemat
Pitaya – Lazy Hanging Planter
Your Dreams – Modern Home Office – Chair
Your Dreams – Modern Home Office – Pots of succulents
Your Dreams – Modern Home Office – Table lamp
Your Dreams – Modern Home Office – Bookcase desk integrate
Your Dreams – Modern Home Office – Frames


Dictatorshop – Moderna Bondage Bed
BAZAR – Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 01
BAZAR – Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02
BAZAR – Stockholm-Clothing rack (female)
BAZAR – Stockholm-Clothing rack (male)
Bee Designs – Elle Bedroom – 02
Bee Designs – Elle Bedroom – 03
Bee Designs – Elle Bedroom – 05
Bee Designs – Elle Bedroom – 07
Bee Designs – Elle Bedroom – 08
Bee Designs – Elle Bedroom – 09
Black Sand – Dr Casita Books
Black Sand – Dr Casita Glass Dark Vase
Black Sand – Dr Casita Pine Cone Glass Display
Black Sand – Dr Casita Sphere Decor
Black Sand – Fabuloso Drawer #1
Black Sand – Fabuloso Clock #2
Black Sand – Men’s Military Bag #Black Leather
FOURTH WALL – Byrjun Entry Bench
HEXtraordinary – Lily Of The Valley Lamp
What Next – Kentia Palm Plant (rattan)
Your Dreams – Lattissima Coffee Bar – Wall Lamp


Dictatorshop – Vindustria Clawfoot Bathtub
Dictatorshop – Vindustria Pedestal Sink
Dictatorshop – Vindustria Toilet
Llorisen – Keating Blinds
Merak – Decorative Wall Shelf
Merak – Chair (scrubs and lotions)
Merak – Body Towels Decor
Merak – Bath Salts
Merak – Cottonballs Jars
Merak – Hair Products
Merak – Bath bombs
Muniick- LINKED – Chalet Rue Chabot Bath Caddy
Trompe Loeil – Classic Bathroom Hamper Full
Your Dreams – Small Home bathroom – Mirror
Your Dreams – Small Home bathroom – Toilet paper holder
What Next – Fiddle Leaf Plant (ceramic)


Merak – Grey Boho Rug
Moss&Mink – Plant – HostasS
Scarlet Creative – Tulum Planter Monty
Trompe Loeil – Selah Rattan Chair
What Next – Bird of Paradise Plant
Why Not ? – Martha’s Garden Set Chiminia

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