Spring Was Peeking

When we took this picture, the weather was having a bit of a warm streak and spring really felt like perhaps it was closer than it really is, and then, it snowed. One of our favorite things about SL, is that the weather is as consistent as you want it to be. If you want to live in the snow all year round, you can ! Fancy beach living for all your days ? Totally possible ! There may be many things that change minute to minute, but SL weather is not one of them !


Bloom – Marley Bench @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Shelf @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Cabinet @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Lantern @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Candle @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Crown @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Lamp @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Plate & Vases @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Plants @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Hat @ Arcade
Bloom – Marley Stars @ Arcade
HISA – Flora wildflower grass – Mixed Greens
Lagom – Spring sofa @ Equal10 ( til March 5 )
Tm Creation – [Provence] Breakfast Tray Decor
Tm Creation – [Provence] Flowers Vase
What Next – Amelie Coffee Table
What Next – Chelsea Curtains (panel & lights)
What Next – Picture Gallery Frames


BROKEN ARROWS – Rose Frame – Flowers I
BROKEN ARROWS – Rose Frame – Flowers II
BROKEN ARROWS – Rose Frame – Flowers III
Creme Brulee – Sweeter Loft Skybox
Pitaya – Classic Rugs – Blue
Pitaya – Love letters – Pile of Drafts
Pitaya – Love letters – Pile of Letters
QE Home – Pillow Stack -Winter-
Tarte – Cherry blossom tree

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