Holding Out

Tis the season for Christmas Decor, but as in real life, not everyone jumps on the holiday decorating train. We are one of those houses. While the outside has lights and two 4 foot inflatables, that is simply because our adult son takes care of outside decor. Inside, well, we have a Gnome for the Holidays wood sign hanging in the kitchen and there is not likely to be much more except for the 2 foot sound activated dancing tree, also our son’s doing. We just are not holiday people when it comes to decorating our RL home.

So in honor of us non-decorators, I bring you the Naturi – Lucca Living Room Set available at EBENTO. Also, Lagom has these perfect for any home built in shelve units that really do look amazing in any style of home thanks to the handy HUD !


Lagom – Built-In Bookcase
Naturi – Lucca Living Room Set @ EBENTO


Alme – Decor – Mallory Plant [Fuchsia]
Avani – Leather Magazine Holder
BackBone – FunnyBone #17 – The Chilled & the Chic
BackBone – FunnyBone #4 – Noisy Nutcracker
BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Christmas – Tree Basket
Consignment – Football Trophy Flag – ENGLAND
Consignment – Football Trophy Flag – USA
Consignment – Football Trophy Flag – WALES
CRATE – Patio Plant Cart – Egg Head Pearl Plant
Dahlia – Jet Set – Long Distance Love – Wall Art
Dahlia – Surrey – Lavender arrangment with rings
Eudora3D – LittleF#ckers Dana Loser! Wood
Evil Baby – Berenice Teacup – Gold
Floorplan – rude bouquet / gtfo
Floorplan – rude embroidery hoop / nudes
FINCA – Stove tools set
FRIDAY – Wood Block Cat
Havoc – Passport Pack . Purple
JIAN – Cat Deco Collection // Static Sleeper
KraftWork + Pitaya – Reading Nook. Books
KROVA – Telescope
RAMA – Succulent Echeveria Harmsii
Roslyn – neko diffuser. white
Spruce – esselmont incense holder {onyx}
Scarlet Creative – Tulum Planter Monty
TeegleToy – Sugar Cookie the American Paint Horse
THOR – Dark Bunny Planter
Trompe Loeil – Axion Modern Cottage
Vespertine – chia pets. / hedgehog
Zerkalo – Casino Gacha – Cigar Box

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