Burn Baby Burn

I have to admit, when we saw this Pyre from Short Leash for We Love Roleplay , running till October 28th, the ideas started flying through our heads about a post for it. We had so many thoughts going around and around about not just historical witch hunts, but the modern day ones as well. It saddens us that in this day and age, after all that history should have taught humanity about equality and freedom, it seems like we have taken more steps backwards than we have forward.

There is a 2006 movie called Idiocracy, which makes me wonder if the writers had gone back in time to make a movie that could be ripped right out of the present days news broadcast. I am not quite sure what makes us shake our head more, the fact that someone is afraid that a Disney movie is going to put a spell on them through their television, of that the news media who capitalized on her poor mental health.

While we are speaking of burning, this Sexy Cheryl suit from LsR at FameshedX is so hot it should come with its own fire extinguisher. It comes with the top, bottoms and arm chains. FameshedX runs until November 6th.

I can not speak about these Twinkles from Cerridwens Cauldron enough. they have quickly become a favorite of mine for so many things. In today’s photo they worked perfectly for adding some hot sparkly fire embers, but they can also be used to add some twinkly lights to your regular trees for a more festive look. You can grab these at a discounted price during the Hallow Manor event which runs until November 1st.


LsR – Sexy Cheryl @ FameshedX
Short Leash – The Pyre @ We Love Roleplay
Cerridwens Cauldron – Twinkles @ Hallow Manor – Discounted


TRUTH – Indigo
BLUEBELL – Crack Face Tattoo
BLUEBELL – Crack Body Tattoo
This Is Wrong – Vecna Shine


Fundati – Confier
Fundati – Hunter Pine
Synnergy Open book & Flying papers
FOXCITY – Witch Hunt – Moon


FOXCITY – Witch Hunt

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