Tea Time

Today’s post is ever so fitting because exactly 3 weeks from today we will be picking Troy up from the airport, and exposing him to iced tea. Being that Troy is a Brit, the very idea of cold tea for him is a bit sacrilegious, but he loves us enough to agree to at least try it before deciding it is officially blasphemous.


Enaitch – The Flower Collection – 4

Lagom – Artist clutter – Extra canvas
Lagom – Artist clutter – Markers
Lagom – Artist clutter – Pen case Floral
Lagom – Artist clutter – Pencils
Lagom – Artist clutter – Sketch book

Lagom – Breakfast time! – Bowls
Lagom – Breakfast time! – Chair
Lagom – Breakfast time! – Chair blanket
Lagom – Breakfast time! – Chair pillow+blanket
Lagom – Breakfast time! – Chair seat pillow
Lagom – Breakfast time! – Table Green
Lagom – Breakfast time! – Tray

Lagom – Cotton rugs – Round
Lagom – Cotton rugs – Square

Lagom – Cozy plants – Cups
Lagom – Cozy plants – Hanging A
Lagom – Cozy plants – Hanging B
Lagom – Cozy plants – Stand

Lagom – Diana Curtains – Plains

Lagom – Faux vine shelf – Dresser

Lagom – Lil summer cabin

Lagom – Love-Tech – Globe

Lagom – Modern kitty tree – Medium Green

Lagom – Nadia Fence

What Next – Tea Mug
What Next – Teatime Tray – Sage
What Next – Teatime Wall Art (teacups) @ FLF Birthday Bash
What Next – Teatime Wall Art (teapots) @ FLF Birthday Bash
What Next – Teatime Wall Art (text) @ FLF Birthday Bash


Atelier Burgundy – Garden Beds – Terracotta Tiles
Botanical – Lawn Grass
FINCA – Concrete Pathway Terracota
FINCA – ground garden lamp
HEART – Flowering Path
Tm Creations – [A touch of wildflowers] Garden Arrang. GM55

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