This Is Us

Anyone who has known us for any length of time, knows that we used to shoot quite a lot of adult content. We were all about the public displays of sex for a number of years, and then Troy happened.

That really sounds bad when I type it that way, but it was truly the very best thing to ever happen, to any of us. We still enjoy a very healthy and happy sex life, we just no longer feel the need to share it with the rest of you. Sorry, not sorry ! That being said, now that our lives have become what they are, you may just see more of Troy than you ever saw on display before. *Rawr*

We used to use our sexuality, as a way to bolster our confidence, and sadly, our self worth as well. Survivors of childhood trauma often times end up one one extreme or the other on the sexual spectrum. There are generally speaking two choices, slut or prude, and it is difficult to find a healthy middle ground.

We are extremely grateful, and thankful, that we have found the safe haven that we have found in our relationship with Troy. We have come a long way and are looking forward to seeing what comes in the future to come.

Something New has released this cute background and 4 single poses for the PosEvent, which is running from August 27th – September 19th. When I saw the background, I had a desire to shoot something with Troy, and so I popped over to the mainstore to find acouples pose. Something New offers so many options from cute to romantic to sexy, but instead of gravitating to the smexy steamy or smushy kissy poses, my eyes went directly to this pose instead. I laughed so much as I purchased it, because it really is US. We are derps, and we own that every day, loudly and proudly. I just knew that this pose was meant to go with this background, tho I did have to make one small adjustment. Sorry Allyson, but we are so not mustard girls, so I had to use the tint feature and change that to ketchup !


Something New – Lil Cafe Prop @ PosEvent
Something New – Sorry Thats My Hotdog @ Mainstore


Blueberry – Bella Skirt – Boho Pack
Blueberry – Bella Bikini – Boho Pack
Blueberry – Solstice – Classic Pack
Maxi Gossamer – Venice Beach Boho
Glorious Insanity – Mesh Nails – Gradient Set #6
Foxy – Feline Hair


L&B – Jett Short Sleeve
L&B – Swear Watchdog Jeans
Legal Insanity – Dakota Bracelets

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