The Frenzy Of Odin

‘It is beginning,’ said Ivar Forkbeard to me.
‘I do not understand,’ I said.
‘Be quiet,’ said he. ‘It is beginning.’

I saw then Svein Blue Tooth, the mighty jarl of Torvalds-land, lift his own head, but it did not seem, then, to be him. It seemed rather a face I had not seen before. The eyes did not seem those of the noble Blue Tooth, but of something else, unaccountable, not understood. I saw him suddenly thrust his left forearm against the broad blade of his spear. To my horror I saw him sucking at his own blood.
I saw a man, fighting the frenzy, tear handfuls of his own hair from his head. But it was coming upon him, and he could not subdue it.

Other men were restless. Some dug at the earth with their boots. Others looked about themselves, frightened. The eyes of one man began to roll in his head; his body seemed shaken, trembling; he muttered incoherently.

Another man threw aside his shield and jerked open the shirt at his chest, looking into the valley. I heard others moan, and then the moans give way to the sounds of beasts, utterances of incontinent rage. Those who had not yet been touched stood terrified among their comrades in arms. They stood among monsters.

‘Kurii,’ I heard someone say. ‘
Kill Kurii,’ I heard. ‘Kill Kurii. ‘
‘What is it?’ I asked Ivar Forkbeard.

I saw a man, with his fingernails, blind himself, and feel no pain. With his one remaining eye he stared into the valley. I could see foam at the side of his mouth. His breathing was deep and terrible.
‘Look upon Rollo,’ said the Forkbeard.

The veins in the neck, and on the forehead, of the giant bulged, swollen with pounding blood. His head was bent to one side. I could not look upon his eyes. He bit at the rim of his shield, tearing the wood, splintering it with his teeth.

‘It is the frenzy of Odin,’ said the Forkbeard. ‘It is the frenzy of Odin.’

Marauders of Gor, pg.247-248


Del-ka Aedilis – Longhall Firepit
Del-ka Aedilis – Mead Horn Ubbe
Del-ka Aedilis – Meadery – Pitcher & Mugs
Del-ka Aedilis – Viking Boathouse Floki

Heart Homes – Longship Bed
Heart Homes – Viking Fur Rug

InsurreKtion – Medieval Stews Set – Beef Stew
InsurreKtion – Medieval Stews Set – Mushrooms Stew
InsurreKtion – Medieval Stews Set – Pumpkin Cream
InsurreKtion – Medieval Stews Set – Salmon Stew
InsurreKtion – Medieval Stews Set – Tomato Soup
InsurreKtion – Valhalla Long Hall Set – Bench
InsurreKtion – Valhalla Long Hall Set – Sitting Fur
InsurreKtion – Valhalla Long Hall Set – Stool
InsurreKtion – Valhalla Long Hall Set – Table
InsurreKtion – Valhalla Long Hall Set – Tablecloth

Xplicit Furnishings – Frame (standalone)


Angelicus – Animal skins
Angelicus – Deer on fur (noH)
Angelicus – Dragon counter full
Angelicus – Egg basket mix
Angelicus – Fireplace cooking place
Angelicus – Fox skins
Angelicus – Gudnur wall shelf
Angelicus – Home blessing
Angelicus – Livingroom closet brown
Angelicus – Lots of furs
Angelicus – Metal candle lamp ceiling
Angelicus – Polar fox skins
Angelicus – Pot shelf
Angelicus – Racoon skins
Angelicus – Rune table
Angelicus – Shield with weapons
Angelicus – Thors hammer shelf
Angelicus – Treasure chest
Angelicus – Tribal drum
Angelicus – Two fireplaces #2
Angelicus – Veggie basket
Angelicus – Viking crib
Angelicus – Viking wall weapon rack
Angelicus – Weapon rack
Velvet Whip – Drink Barrel

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