Working It Out

Incase you are not a dancer, the Lagom – Dance Studio also makes for a perfect location for their At Home Gym set. Zaker’s Louna set makes a fantastically comfy and fluffy place to relax and look at your gym equipment on all the other days you just can not find the motivation to actually use it.


Lagom – At home Gym [ Gym rug ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Neon Sign ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Punching bag ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Step up Bench ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Treadmill ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Waters ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Weight bar shelf ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Weight shelf ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Weight stack ]
Lagom – At home Gym [ Yoga Ball ]

Lagom – Dance Studio

ZAKER – Louna Books & Bowl
ZAKER – Louna Branch Vase
ZAKER – Louna Chair
ZAKER – Louna Coffee Table
ZAKER – Louna Console
ZAKER – Louna Latte Coffee
ZAKER – Louna Mirror
ZAKER – Louna Orchid
ZAKER – Louna Rug
ZAKER – Louna Sofa

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