Cake At The Villa

Seeing as the Villa in today’s post is at CAKEDAY Event, we could not resist naming it as such, and now you can get the song stuck in your head today too !


Aphrodite – Floating Bar
Aphrodite – Lighted Summer Couple Palm
Aphrodite – Lighted Summer Couple Triple Palm

CHEZ MOI Georgian Chair
CHEZ MOI Georgian Chair

HISA – Grass – Bright Greens
HISA – Grass – Mixed Greens

NATURI – Indoor / Outdoor garden fountain

Enaitch – Garden Sculpture marble (w lights)

The Home Store – Mesh Pedestal Planter With Plants & Flowers

Why Not – Achnacarry Banana Plant
Why Not – Achnacarry Coffee Modern Table
Why Not – Achnacarry Modern Benched Seat
Why Not – Achnacarry Modern Corner Seat
Why Not – Achnacarry Modern Seat
Why Not – Cocktail Setting
Why Not – Umbrella

ZAKER – Villa Monaco @ Cakeday
ZAKER – Monaco Stone Railling @ Cakeday
ZAKER – Monaco Stone stairs @ Cakeday


Bad Unicorn – Mega Unicorn Floatie
BALACLAVA – Floating Mattress [Memphis]
BALACLAVA – Swimming Tube [Flower]
Black Sand – Buddha Head Statue
Fundati – New palm tree
Landscapes Unlimited – TROPICAL PARADISE 1/4 Sim Corner Environment
HILTED – Dino Floaty – Orange
Hive – floor tassled beach towel
Mithral – Ficus Umbellata Planter (Pack C)
The Looking Glass – Edge Blenders – Gerberas

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