Cocoa To Go

Everyone going on about pumpkin spice season, and I am over here just cravin some Cocoa ! Since we have not been able to drink coffee since our heart attack, cocoa has been our go to hot beverage of choice. While we do enjoy tea from time to time, much to the dismay of our British love, we prefer it iced and not hot.

What we do prefer HOT is this Leilany outfit by LsR which you can find out at Tres Chic from September 17th – October 10th.


LsR – Leilany Suit @ Tres Chic


Wasabi – Raya Baret Hair
Bootys Beauty – Laila Shadow
Bootys Beauty – Magdalena Lips
Hive – coffee on the go v2.2
BUENO – March Bag – Gray
MevaDahlia Necklace
Reborn – Juicy Boobs


BuY ME – Stands 1


Your Dreams – Steamin’ Mugs – Coffee Bar

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