Morning Munchies

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who has the energy to wake up and cook? I know I sure don’t, but breakfast for dinner is a favorite in this house. I am thinking of doing french toast and bacon tonight to be honest.

With this fabulous Delavorar Breakfast Bar from Why Not ? You can have your breakfast and eat it too, any time of the day you like. It is available in 4 wood colors and comes with loads of props and decor to make your mornings delicious. You can complete your kitchen with the Rannoch Kitchen also by Why Not and some bits and pieces from the Carberry Country Kitchen Set !


Why Not – Delavorar Breakfast Bar-Oak


Why Not – Rannoch Kitchen
Why Not – Carberry Country Kitchen Wall Art
Why Not – Carberry Country Kitchen Rugs


Onsu – Eggplant Expandable Skybox

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